Take Control of Compliance

Health care reform and more

From health care reform to FMLA to HIPAA and everything in between, we have the resources you need to stay in compliance and up to date on the latest guidance and legislation. Created by attorneys but written in plain language, our legislative guides will support all your compliance needs.


Legislative FAQs

Get answers to your compliance questions on a variety of legislative topics by visiting the common questions and answers section of the portal.


Forms, notices and disclosures

In addition, to help you execute on your compliance duties, we also provide a range of forms, notices and disclosures required for various compliance deadlines and legislation.

Workplace Policies and Forms

Employee handbook

Putting together an employee handbook and gathering relevant policies is a daunting task—find everything you need in MyWave Connect. Simply search “policy” to find a wide range of sample policies.


Common forms

Also get access to a number of common forms, including for hiring, recruiting, performance management, benefits administration and much more.

Wellness Program Resources

If you’re looking to create a new program or beef up your existing one, check out the following resources in your portal.


Wellness newsletters

One of the most popular resources in the portal is the monthly Live Well, Work Well newsletter—send it to employees to educate them on timely health and wellness issues.


Health observances

Also be sure to check out the National Health Observances—find our calendar and supporting flyers that highlight different health and safety observances each month.


Wellness competition

Research shows that making workplace wellness into a game or competition is one of the most effective ways to get results. Create a comprehensive wellness competition program with the Weight-loss Winner program.

Find Resources - Fast

With over 3,000 documents in our library, you have a wealth of resources available to you which can easily be found in MyWave Connect via the search bar, with a smart search engine that takes your preferences into account to quickly bring you the most relevant results.


If you’re having trouble finding anything, or have a question about the portal, don’t hesitate to contact us.