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In recent weeks, the press has been buzzing with announcements of several potential acquisitions of big insurance players such as Aetna, Cigna and Humana.

Strategic mergers between two or more health plans can help cut costs, provide increased market share to help negotiate better discounts from providers, streamline regulatory approvals, and support more covered lives through a consolidated operations platform.

Recent Headlines

  • Aetna to Acquire Humana

This transaction is expected to give Aetna over 14 million new members and create a company serving the most seniors in the Medicare Advantage program and the second largest U.S. managed care company.

  • Anthem Bids $47 Billion for Cigna

To date, Cigna and Anthem have not come to terms; however, there is still much speculation that a deal could go through.

  • UnitedHealth Group

The largest U.S. health insurer has been reported as having interest in buying Aetna or Cigna.

Stay Tuned

The musical chairs of health plan consolidation will likely continue to play out in the coming months. 360benefits will keep you updated as new information emerges.

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